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I love the sky, but I am not very fond of bullets. In the following pages you will find my reviews of books which will be mainly about aviation and military matters. As long as I can remember, my head has been in the clouds (some might say it has been somewhere else). An interest in wider military history has been a more recent development. Stimulated possibly by SODTM going off to do warlike things.  


War and the military are more central to the existence of the UK than some would have you believe. For example, there has only been one year since it was founded when a member of the RAF has not died on active service.

Why not Sky, Sea & Bullets?


I like sailing, but not as much as I love the sky. Whilst the Royal Navy has produced arguably Britain’s most effective military leader of all time, that was over two hundred years ago. And, the Navy (at least in a  maritime role) has not been at the forefront of recent conflicts; consequently there are fewer books being published with a salty tang in comparison to the numbers that taste of dust and sand, or that carry the heady whiff of Jet A1…


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"A thoroughly good read that will be enjoyed by an audience beyond those interested in aviation."



"Paul Smiddy ties together all the strands of Bruce's incredibly varied life - motorsport, speedboat racing, aviation and many more - and does so entertainingly."


"This biography shines new light on an amazing life.... What a gal."