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Brize 2010 Reds 3

By psmiddy, Sep 10 2018 01:18PM

Tthere is no doubt that Charlie March (or Richmond as I guess we must call him these days) knows how to pull in the punters. I visited the Goodwood Revival at the weekend for the first time in a long while - what a great event it is. And there are some luscious aircraft as well as racing cars over which to drool. Below is one of my all time favourites. Those who flew the black ones on SOE missions, were amongst the bravest, and most skillful of Allied aircrew, in my opinion.

By psmiddy, Aug 30 2018 07:17PM

Shackleton Boys by Steve Bond (who has previous titles in the series to his credit), from Grub Street. Once into its stride there is plenty of entertainment. Review is here.

By psmiddy, Aug 28 2018 01:25PM

Deposition 1940 - 1944, from OUP. An intellectual's take on being in Occupied France. Review is here.

By psmiddy, Aug 9 2018 11:28AM

The RAF in Camera - 1970s. More pictures of when the RAF could string a few squadrons together.... See here.