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Afghanistan 2021

By psmiddy, Aug 16 2021 08:48AM

My only involvement in a military operation was tangential involvement as aircrew repatriating service and diplomatic dependents from a warzone. I remember the apprehension, the fatigue, but also the ordered behaviour, of the wives and children we brought back to the UK. I am wondering if that last quality will be much in evidence in the last hours of Kabul as Western defence and transport hub.

Like a nursery school pupil, Trump rarely took responsibility for the consequences of his decisions and actions: the storming of the White House being one, withdrawal from Afghanistan being another. It is a shame that Biden did not examine Trump’s decision more critically. His public statements in the last few days betray someone with a poor strategic grasp and poor intelligence.

There is a litany of depressing conclusions that one can draw from the events of the last few days:

NATO cannot engage in expeditionary warfare or nation building without the support of the US (and even Western European support looked very patchy).

China and Russia look ready to step into the strategic void – some might say good luck to them!

The UK’s pathetic stance on admitting all the interpreters who have worked for us over the last 20 years is a human disgrace, and will rebound against us in years to come.

The decision to emasculate the RAF’s AT fleet is now shown to have been very muddle-headed (I am trying to be polite here).

British Government’s statements and actions have been hopelessly behind the curve – what can a COBRA meeting usefully decide today? Why is Parliament only being recalled for this Wednesday? Are we being led by intellectual pygmies?

This morning I spare several moments to think of all those who have lost relatives in Afghan in the last 2 decades, and those survivors who have left some of their body (or mind) over there. They deserved better.

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