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By psmiddy, Oct 2 2017 07:10AM

So, to the surprise of few, Monarch Airlines has slipped into administration at 0300 today. Its owner, Greybull Capital, has a track record of buying basket cases, of which several disappear down a long and dark tube (think Comet, for example). Whilst the CAA garners plenty of brickbats for its at times heavy handed regulation of light aviation in this country, it is at moments such as this that the CAA deserves plaudits. At the time of writing it appears to have organized an operation to retrieve some 100,000 Monarch passengers stranded overseas. Good effort.

There is a little debate about whether they have the right type ratings to appeal to the pilot-hungry competitors: Monarch’s was an A321/320 fleet; Ryanair’s current well-publicised pilot shortage due to inept management is for B737 crew. But I would have thought the bulk of the flight crew will secure new jobs reasonably quickly - particularly if they are prepared to relocate to the Far East. The days of a pilot joining an airline at 20 and remaining in suburban splendor in England’s Thames Valley are long gone.

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