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By psmiddy, Apr 23 2020 08:44AM

It’s a rare day – I agree with Michael O’Leary. The Ryanair boss makes perfect sense when he says he will not put the Ryanair fleet back in the skies if he has to keep the middle seats empty. Load factors of 66% (max) will not suit the business model of the Ryanair (and many other low cost airlines).

It is just a nonsense – voiding the middle seat is faux social distancing. An empty adjacent seat matters not a jot if the passenger in the seat behind you has a massive sneeze or cough. The long-term solution is to have much better cabin air filtration systems, but I have seen no discussion of this issue in the aviation or general press.

For the moment aircraft, not to mention busy airports (thank you Geneva for the bugs in February), are, as they say, petri dishes.

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