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Putting self-interest ahead of the nation

By psmiddy, Aug 3 2020 03:01PM

The Intelligence & Security Committee of Parliament worked diligently on its report into Russian interference in UK affairs. The Prime Minister sat on the report for months, before it was finally published on July 21. Even in heavily redacted form it underlined the corrosive influence Russians already exert on our democratic institutions.

Less than a fortnight later, last Friday, the new elevations to the House of Lords were announced, which include a Russian owner of UK media, son of a KGB agent to boot. Could one ask for a better example of the obduracy of our tin-eared leader? What, for heaven's sake, are the benefits to the UK electorate of such a move.

In the words of Lord Acton: "All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." One pities HM the Queen having to sign off that largely ignoble list of new nobles!

If employment of a former Chancellor is to be a rite of passage to the Lords, I can offer Mr. Javid (or perhaps in due course Mr Sunak) a few hours of gardening work each week....

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