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Brize 2010 Reds 3

By psmiddy, Sep 13 2017 04:50PM

Wounds by Fergal Keane - an interesting combination of family biography and national history.. Very well crafted, but not designed to cheer your mood! Review here

By psmiddy, Sep 7 2017 07:23AM

Anybody else profoundly depressed about the outlook for UK defence? Yesterday Fallon was on Radio 4 crowing about the new frigate contracts which he has sprinkled around the nation. In answer to any question about the strength and capability of our forces, he reiterated that the defence budget was destined to increase (in nominal terms) for every year of this Parliament. Which conveniently overlooks the facts that:

1) The weakness of sterling has materially increased the MoD’s equipment procurement costs;

2) Inflation in defence kit generally speeds well past RPI.

There has been a welter of what look like leaks softening us up for further cuts resulting from another defence review. Today’s Times carries a piece, which I have yet to read, apparently suggesting the Government intends to cut:

Minehunters from 15 to 13

Armoured training exercises in Canada from 4 to 3 per year

Infantry training in Kenya from 5 to 3 per year


12 Lynxes of 657 AAC used for Special Forces to be scrapped

together with possibly reducing deliveries of the F35 (the RAF’s flagship programme) by 2025 from 48 to 38.

Our defence capability is being hallowed out to pantomime proportions. Do lobby your MP.