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Brize 2010 Reds 3

By psmiddy, Apr 30 2018 02:48PM

Only fair to record that, 60 years ago today, the mighty Blackburn Buccaneer flew for the first time. The last, and arguably the best, aircraft to come from that firm (and the pen of Roy Boot). See here.

By psmiddy, Apr 30 2018 07:16AM

Interesting plaque in Cambridge. The birthplace of one of the more enduring aviation dynasties in the UK - that flourishes to his day.

By psmiddy, Apr 23 2018 12:42PM

Skybound by Rebecca Loncraine. Heart-rendingly poignant, lyrically written, this autobiographical account of learning to fly gliders will touch the soul of most readers. It will appeal also to female readers with no interest hitherto in aviation, and might bring some new recruits into the fold. Definite echoes of Antoine de St Exupéry. Recommended. The review is here.

By psmiddy, Apr 12 2018 08:41AM

The Germans seem very keen on the notion of an EU Army. Strange then that they are conspicuous in their absence from standing alongside France in the latter's overt keeness to give Putin and the Assad regime a bloody nose for their latest horrific use of chemical warfare against civilians.

If one were cynical (which of cause one is not), one might think that it perfectly suited Macron to adopt a very bellicose stance on this matter just now. He is of course beginning to see the push back at home from his move to bring the French labour market into the 21st century. The risk of rising civil insurrection is real; and there is nothing like a foreign war to divert attention from such domestic issues!