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Brize 2010 Reds 3

By psmiddy, Nov 22 2017 09:30PM

Just watched an episode of the excellent Vietnam War documentary series on the BBC iPlayer, in which John Kerry (yes that John Kerry) gave as good a piece of oratory as one could witness since Churchill, as a young vet - a spokesman for Vietnam Veterans against the War in front of (presumably) a Senate Committee. Very, very moving. To think that the USA has a President such as the current one, against a politician of the caliber of Kerry.

By psmiddy, Nov 22 2017 06:00PM

The shortlist for the Sunday Times/ PFD Young Writer of the Year is out. Which made me wonder why there is no prize for Old Writers, or at least those that came late to the craft. Not that I have any vested interest, you understand….

By psmiddy, Nov 17 2017 08:41AM

One of the last of the amazing ATA girls died yesterday, Joy Lofthouse. See here. I had the pleasure of flying her five years ago over the the Isle of Wight to have lunch with her old ATA friend and colleague, Mary Ellis. They were both as sharp as proverbial pins, and it was an honour to listen to their reminiscing about flying all sorts of enviable stuff in WW2. She was indeed a Joy. Fair winds Madam.

By psmiddy, Nov 13 2017 05:33PM

If you want an unbiased review of A Passion for Speed, have a look at the current (December) issue of Aeroplane Monthly. After pointing out a schoolboy error (my referring to the 1934 England - Oz race as London-Sydney - I must have been obsessed by that route since I did the 2001 version, and will now sleep on a bed of nails for a week in penance), they conclude:

"Little can detract from a thoroughly good read, one that will be enjoyed by an audience beyond those interested in aviation."

Objective achieved then - as that was just what my ambition for the book was!

By psmiddy, Nov 7 2017 06:30PM

Javelin Boys from the Grub Street stable. A more problematic aircraft in servbice than I had realised. the review is here.