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Brize 2010 Reds 3

By psmiddy, Jul 18 2019 08:25AM

A tragic, harrowing, but very well-written account of one man's attempt to bring the terrors of the Nazis' final solution to a wider audience. Recommnded. The Volunteer is reviewed here.

By psmiddy, Jul 4 2019 01:35PM

The Hidden Army from Matt Richards & Mark Langthorne, from John Blake. A bit thin. Review here.

By psmiddy, Jun 16 2019 01:03PM

In a gap between receiving review copies I am reading Bess of Hardwick by Mary Lovell. I had no idea until I opened the book that she is the former wife of Cliff Lovell, the father of the British aircraft restoration industry. She claims to be an aviator herself, and has also written biographies of, inter alia, Amelia Earheart and Beryl Markham. I have not read either but have read Errol Trzebinski's Lives of Beryl Markham. She was the most interesting lady. I don't know if she ever met my heroine, the Hon. Mrs. Victor Bruce, but if she had, they would have had much to discuss - men as well as aircraft!

By psmiddy, Jun 9 2019 12:43PM

I reviewed Escaping Hitler by Monty Halls many moons ago - see here . But I now have fresh admiration for those who made it over the Pyrenees. I flew over this mountain range recently, and even in June there was plenty of snow about. At 14,000 feet it was around zero. The hills rise incredibly steeply from the French side. How escaped prisoners in a poor physical state made over those mountains, I shall never quite understand.

By psmiddy, May 8 2019 03:52PM

Nimrod Boys - the latest Boys title from Grub Street. Some good yarns. My review contains a Nimrod tale that (almost ) inexplicably is not contained in the book. Review is here.