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Brize 2010 Reds 3

By psmiddy, Apr 17 2019 08:36AM

It's been a while, so you get two for the price of one.

Spitfire Leader, a biography of a Battle of Britain ace who died in tragic circumstances, and a history of BOAC. To be found here and here.

By psmiddy, Apr 1 2019 01:45PM

Sorry, been a bit quiet. There will be another review published early next week. In the meantime one cannot let pass the retirement of the Tornado without comment. This morning RAF Marham's two Tornado squadrons stood down, thus marking the very final end of this type's service in the UK. And it has done some very hard work, probably more combat hours than any post WW2 type. The UK has certainly had good use from its airframes. Moot point whether it was as tireless a workhorse as the Canberra. Well done all in the Tornado Force.

By psmiddy, Feb 26 2019 08:18AM

Joys of War by JP Jordan from Pen & Sword. The title is part ironical, as much of the book describes how the author is de-stabilised by his combat experiences. Gritty in places, but grating prose style. Review is here.