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Upcoming titles

The following is a list of titles that have come to my attention, and which I believe

might be of interest to readers. I will review some of them in due course. If publishers wish to let me know of any other appropriate titles, please do so. All hardback, unless otherwise noted.



The Lost Airman, Seth Meyerowitz, Atlantic, 4th



Boom, Russell Miller, W&N, 14th

The Black Door; Secret Intelligence and 10 Downing Street, Richard Aldrich & Rory Cormac, Collins, 7th  

First Day of the Somme, Andrew Macdonald, Harpercollins, 7th PB R

First day on the Somme, Martin Middlebrook, Penguin

All behind you, Winston,  Roger Hermiston, Aurum, 7th  

Anatomy of a Soldier, Harry Parker, F&F, 3rd  (Fiction)  

On Intelligence, John Hughes Wilson, Constable  

Hitler Youth, Brenda Ralph-Lewis, Amber Books



Code Black, Mark Evans/ Andrew Sharples, Coronet, 21st

Forever Vigilant, Naval 8/208 sqn, Graham Pitchfork, Grub St

The Last Raid, (Channel Islands), Will Fowler, The History Press  



Cornered Tigers, James Holland, Bantam

The Somme, Anthony Richards, IWM, pb

Somme, Hugh Sebag Montefiore, Viking

First out in earnest, David Gunby, Fighting High

Tornado Boys, Ian Hall, Grub St

Vulcan Boys, Tony Blackman, Grub Street,

Heathrow in Photographs, Adrian Balch, The History Press  

Sopwith Pup Reborn, Roy Palmer, Grub St  

Kitchener’s Mob, Peter Doyle, Chris Foster, The History Press

The Wright Brothers, David McCullough, Simon & Schuster

The Winter Fortress – the epic mission to sabotage Hitler’s atomic bomb, Neil Bascomb, Head of Zeus, 5th.  

Holocaust Landscapes, Tim Cole, Bloomsbury, 5th

The girl who beat ISIS: Farida’s story, Farida Khalaf, Square Peg, 5th

Silent Landscape: the battlefields of the Western Front 100 years on, James Kerr & Simon Doughty, Casemate

24 hours on the Somme, Edward Living, Amberley

Red Platoon: the true story of the battle for Firebase Keating, Clinton Romesha, Preface, 5th



Too Important for the Generals, Allan Mallinson, Bantam, 2nd

24 hours at the Somme, Robert Kershaw, WH Allen

Tribe, Sebastian Junger, Fourth Estate

Operation Thunderbolt, Saul David, Hodder Paperback



Fighting Isis, Tim Locks, Sidgwick & Jackson




Boots on the Ground, Richard Dannatt, Profile