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Musings on the worlds of aviation, military and international affairs.


With reviews of books that cover these topics


A mis-spent adulthood as a teenage scribbler was just a means of appearing to while away a few daytime hours, whilst my head was really in the clouds. A serial creator and destroyer of Airfix kits whilst I was ankle high to a Lancaster's wheel, I learned to glide as soon as I could. A year later Her Majesty raided the corgi fund, and kindly paid for me to learn to fly aircraft with engines in them. I have been flying ever since.


My interest in things military was heightened when someone dear to me (SODtm) was recently sent to a sandy place to do certain things for Queen & Country. Which rather focusses the mind on why and whether we should imperil the lives of our youth.

Hello, my name is Paul Smiddy...

Hawk in flight 2 Over the Channel Dec2009

Apart from aviating and writing, I am an active private investor, and until recently a non-executive director of the miltary charity below:

RBL P1030392